Art Gallery Fabrics: Avantgarde - A New Grid - AVG18911

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A simultaneous explosion of color & geometric shapes. Katarina continues to show us her painterly background with a homage to the Avant Garde art movement. This collection threads the simplicity of the basic geometrical shapes with the beauty of a simple flower & a handmade stitch to create a balance that satisfies the colorful and the bold.

Designed by Katarina Roccella

100% Premium Cotton
44-45" - 125g/sqm

This fabric is being sold in inches. Add the fabric to your cart and then adjust the quantity to the number of inches you desire to purchase. Whole inches only and a minimum of 18 inches.

Minimum purchase is 18 inches

Half yard = 18 inches

Three quarters of a yard = 27 inches

Yard = 36 inches