Charley Harper's Quilts - HQ-J095

Charley Harper's Quilts - HQ-J095

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Jumbrella is a fantasical, whimsical throw or wall hanging created by Keri Duke from one of Charley Harper's nature-inspired prints. Charley, an American Modernist artist, has fun with his art and this print is no exception. The baby elephant is using his Momma to stay out of the rain and to keep dry, in essence turning his Momma into a jumbo umbrella, hence the Jumbrella.

A very muted color palette mimics the elephants' natural color in their natural habitat. Simple, clean lines with simple, beautiful fabric make up this wall hanging or throw.

Keri Duke has adapted this print to fiber art and the pattern has raw-edge applique directions.

Project: Throw/Lap
Designer: Keri Duke
Style: Applique
Finished Size: 53" x 41"
Project Rating: Intermediate