Shipping Policy

At checkout, please select UPS or USPS as your selected shipment provider.

In order to continue to provide in store pick up for our local online shoppers, we have Zippy In Store Pick Up as an option.  This option allows you to reserve your merchandise selections until you are able to come to the shop.  If we have time we will pull your order for you or we will give you your order form and allow you to pull your order yourself!

Anyone needing items shipped but choosing "Zippy In Store Pick Up" will incur either a $30 or 30% (whichever is greater) restocking fee if you wish to cancel your order and not pay shipping. 

If you selected it on accident and wish to pay shipping, simply type Custom Ship in our search engine and select your mail provider and pay your shipping.  Please leave a note with your shipping payment as to what your original order number was for your items.