About Us

We are a family of Makers.

Like the arms of the octopus, we are joined yet work independently on creative pursuits.  We seek all who wish to express themselves through art and craft whether a beginner or an expert.  Diversity, equity, inclusion and respect are tenants of our lives and of our shop.  All are welcome - every race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age and ability.  Our shop operates with respect for all who enter and we embrace all of our unique attributes through creativity and fun!



Founder and Owner

After working for twenty years in the world of education, Theresa decided it was time to shift focus to sharing her passion for textiles and fiber with the stateline community.  She is drawn to color and texture and loves to experiment with techniques and to learn new things each day.  Her hand dyed yarn and quality fabric bring delight to all who encounter it.  She has a passion for teaching others to embrace imperfection and work toward being better each day.   



Founder and Owner

Chuck has long been recognized as a talented artist with a foundation of practice stemming from his work as an illustrator and a creative in the marketing world within Chicago.  He not only helps to run the Brass Octopus, he also owns StormWatch Studio a comprehensive production company helping to launch marketing plans with graphic design, photography, videography, social media and print.  Chuck has the unique ability to determine a creative approach to marketing success through capturing the spirit of a business and amplifying their talents through a strategic marketing campaign.