"When they go low, we go high"

Posted by Theresa Harris on

As the whirlwind of 2020 continues, I find myself awed by the amazing heart of the Brassy Consortium that has grown since we opened.  We have faced some real challenges this year and our brassy friends have stood up and made a difference.  They have made handmade hearts quilts for the window, donated to Miss Carly's for my birthday, donated handmade fabric ornaments for our display in the Rockton Christmas Walk, made new friends during a coaster exchange in November, created and donated pet beds to shelters and so many more acts of kindness have been undertaken that it makes my heart simply swell.

One of our own had a sad occurrence happen overnight with the theft of an inflatable christmas decoration.  I posted to see if anyone would spot it out in the wild and suddenly we have it being replaced for the family through contributions from our kind hearted clan.  We are happy to facilitate this process by gathering your monetary donations for the person purchasing a replacement by either dropping it off at the shop or adding it as a tip to an order with a comment indicating where you want the money to go.  We will take donations through this Saturday if you would like to help with a dollar or two.

In the spirit of giving, we are reinstituting our Curbside Treasure Chest!  Keep your eyes open for a surprise gold button in your pick up orders!  If you receive one - hold onto it.  When we reopen it is good for a fat quarter of your choice off our mystery FQ table!

When things get hard, show more love.  Give more.  It helps.

Love to all


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  • I just started quilting this summer and it amazes me how wonderful the quilting community is. A fellow quilter from Canada sent me a quilt she made when she saw that I missed an auction bid..bc I wanted to see a what a handmade quilt looked liked! I was amazed at her gratitude. I just recently popped some fabric in the mail..1 was for the winning bidder for a fundraiser bc I didn’t have a handmade item to donate I thought a FQ bundle would help.. it raised$75!! The other package was to a quilter looking to complete a snowflake quilt ..she tried her local fabric group and was still needing a blue FQ. So I sent her a few FQs, and random blue colored fabrics almost filling up a post office envelope with one request…send me a picture on Instagram so I could see what she made..since that is how I found her. My hubby thinks I am nuts! I didn’t have a plan for those fabrics and who knows how long they would sit. I am sure that they have found a great new home! I wish that we had a store in my area that supported the community like Brass Octopus! I’m in California and send you guys quilty hugs and high fives!! I enjoy seeing love and support from the quilting community!! Keep up the caring and sharing!!

    Elizabeth W on
  • People that love fabric give from the ❤️

    Nancy on

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