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Posted by Theresa Harris on

You all touch my heart.  Chuck posted yesterday on FB that I would be missing Monday Madness and you all were so very kind with your messages of love and support.  Thank you for caring about us so much.

I am spending the day at home in bed again today.  You see, I have an autoimmune disease called Celiac.  We attempted to eat out safely Friday night and failed miserably.  Though we had eaten at this establishment many times, we are certain they dropped the ball on us this time as I am quite sick.  Migraine, joint inflammation, pain, intense gastro distress and fatigue have brought me to my knees.  I’m going on day four of recovery and am simply exhausted.  

While my body is fighting the poisonous proteins (to me) I consumed, my entire immune system is compromised.  I have to be careful being around other people for awhile and right now that is especially tricky on a number of levels.

Luckily, my support system is strong.  Chuck is my fierce protector and ally to keep the shop running.  We have several amazing helpers processing orders and helping with the day to day tasks at the shop.  And there are all of you sending positive vibes our way.

Thank you for your generous spirits and for continuing to keep the Brass running with your orders and engagement.  We appreciate every one of you. ❤️🐙❤️

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  • Coming from a human resource position, I would get upset with people who didn’t read the memos from our department. I see I have done that. Apologizing for the stupid question and I should have read beforehand. 😧

    Denise Stelma on
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  • I am so sorry to hear this Theresa. Somehow I missed this earlier in the week. Sending thoughts and prayers 💟

    Catherine Pinchott on
  • Rest, heal, renew and know you are in many prayers and thoughts! Big hugs!!

    Nancy Binder on

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