Brass Octopus will offer preorders on some upcoming collections.  Placing a preorder means you are reserving fabric by paying for a listing up-front, before Brass Octopus receives this fabric in hand.  Since Brass Octopus does not have the fabric in hand at the time of the preorder, please understand that we will ship all preorder fabrics immediately upon receiving preorder fabrics.  The estimated date of arrival is clearly noted in each preorder listing.  Sometimes a manufacturer can experience delays or mis-shipments, and these situations are outside of our control.  

If for any reason there is an issue with your preorder (ie delays, missing piece, etc), we will contact you immediately to make you aware of the situation, and proceed to find a reasonable solution.  

Please know that all preorder sales are final.  

Preorder sales cannot be canceled, altered, traded or combined with other orders.  Coupon codes, discounts and any other bonus for in-stock merchandise cannot be used on pre-order sales.  If you try to do so, your order will be refunded and cancelled.  The Shopify online system does not allow us to block customers from using coupons - so just because you can does not mean you should!

Please do not order IN STOCK items with your preorder


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  • Grace Notter

    This sounds like a great plan. I will be looking forward to being able to preorder new fabric

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