Our Favorite Holiday - Adapted due to Covid

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Being a small business owner in the first year of operations is tough, joyful, bone-wearyingly exhausting, thrilling and satisfying.  We work hard to create a space both in shop and online that is filled with color, texture and acceptance.  We invite the world to join us in embracing each other through the art of Making.  And we strive to protect ourselves and our brassy friends from the pandemic that is running through our world to the very best of our ability -  putting health and safety above monetary comfort.

Fact - we do better at meeting our sales goals when we are open for walk-in business. 

Fact - it energizes us to engage in person as that is what we started out wanting to do. 

Fact - we are a tiny shop that must consider the information that is constantly evolving as to how best to keep our doors open safely.  

The number of Covid cases are rising fast in our little corner of Illinois.  We are monitoring this closely each and every day.  We currently only allow three patrons in at a time, take a temp check, ask for hand sanitizer to be used and require appropriate mask wearing.   This has been working out fairly well with most people appreciative of our stance.

I find myself in turmoil about this upcoming weekend.  You see, it is our favorite holiday.  Chuck and I love to decorate, dress up, hand out full size candy and generally just have fun on the ultimate Cosplay day.  But this year is not normal in any sort of manner.  All normal activities are curtailed and scaled back.  We are not decorating our home, we will not be handing out candy and there will be no gathering of friends around the fire.  It makes us sad to say the least. 

And then there is the little matter of normally having open hours on this holiday yet having our town host a gathering during our business hours that encourages people to congregate downtown - going in and out of businesses turning in rocks for treats.  We understand that people are desperate for a sense of normalcy. Desperate to find ways to get together safely.  Desperate to engage with the broader community.  It is normal to want normal!  Unfortunately, normal is not possible right now for us.  And we have to make some tough decisions and adapt as a result.

On Saturday, October 31st, we will be open by appointment only which we will accept until Friday night.  Please call the shop to schedule your private, one hour visit between 10-3.   We will not be doing curbside pickup on October 31st to avoid having you and us exposed to the people that will be milling about downtown during that timeframe.  We strongly encourage you to plan to pick up your packages either Tuesday or Thursday of this week or you will have to wait until next week.

To help with canceling curbside on Saturday, October 31st, we are offering extended curbside pick up on Thursday, October 29th which will be the normal 10-1 and we are adding 5-6 pm as well for those that need time after work to get here.  Please call us if you would like to pick up Thursday and these two timeframes do not work for you.

Ultimately, we are doing all we can to keep our business going without sacrificing the health and safety of ourselves or our patrons.  Thank you for bearing with us.  Thank you for supporting us.  And thank you for doing what you can to care for those around you and stay safe as well.

Love to all

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  • Theresa,
    I so appreciate all the you go to keep the store safe and keep safe yourself.
    If more people would just try to limit their exposure like you do we might be able to get a handle on this.
    I am waiting for the day I can come back to your shop and just soak it all in. For now I look at the website and order when I can. You always send the items right out and then add a little surprise. Love it.

    Grace Notter on
  • We appreciate all you do and the wonderful fabrics you stock. I’m happy to put my money into a local business!

    Pamela Murphy on
  • Theresa & Chuck, I can only imagine what turmoil you are going through. Thank you for ALL that you continue to provide under these extensive and complicated times. Sending virtual hugs.♥️

    Catherine on
  • What a thoughtfully written and important message. It is so important for all to remember that Covid is still with us. Thank you for helping to keep your shoppers safe!

    Cindy Osterland on
  • I support your decision 100%!
    Always thankful y’all put safety first. I love The Brass and will happily continue to support it!

    Nicole on

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