Night Owl

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All the menagerie in our household (two dogs and three cats) are quiet and my dear partner has drifted off to bed while I sit here in the dark pondering the last two weeks.  There are times when the whole world seems to slumber that I sit and allow my mind to reflect, appreciate and find millions of moments of gratitude for what the universe has brought to me.

The picture above of a book in our shop reminds me of when I was young and I lived surrounded on three side by a forest preserve.  I would often find myself sneaking off into the rows of pine trees behind our home and sitting in the quiet with a beautiful owl that was given a large naturalized rehabilitation habitat to reside in.  Those moments I treasured as I felt complete, accepted and seen by the wise bird sitting above looking at me.  Late nights always take me back to those memories and the stillness that embraced me like a knitted scarf on a cold day.

The last two weeks have been more than I ever expected and simply two of the more exhausting and wonderful weeks of my life.  We set plans, dreamed big and hoped for others to join us on our journey to create a space for Makers and were simply stunned at the number of people who showed up on opening day and continued to come as the days moved forward.  Every one of you that stopped by to offer encouragement, that welcomed us to Rockton, that purchased an item or two - we thank you.  We know you have other options, but you chose to come to us and we deeply appreciate the support.

The other business leaders of Rockton have also stepped in and offered support, guidance and advice on a myriad of topics that were new to us.  The owner of our building has been incredibly gracious and supportive as well.  It is as if the stars simply lined up and put the right people in front of us to get us started.  I am humbled and amazed at the response from each one of you.  Thank you.

My Intro classes are off to a great start and my calendar is filling up quickly with those wishing for private lessons for themselves or for their kids.  We have an amazing line up of guest teachers offering extended lessons for all with many more to get posted soon - stay tuned!  We hope you will take advantage of having talented, creative instructors come to Rockton to spend time with all of you explaining their craft and helping you to experience it first hand.  In order to keep these amazing, sometimes nationally recognized people coming, we need to fill the seats so please consider signing up for a few sessions soon.  It will be well worth you time to give your brain the space it needs to explore its creative side within a new medium.

A bus trip to the much fun could this be?!?!  I love Frida Kahlo and all she represents as a female artist who took charge of her talent with no apologies!  To have the largest exhibit of her work coming to Chicago is such a fantastic opportunity to see her paintings, clothing and textiles first hand!  We will be choosing a Monday in June and posting a link for you to reserve your seat for the trip within the next week with a fairly quick deadline for signing up so I can secure transportation and the tickets to the museum.  We will also be finding a great Mexican restaurant for us all to enjoy a meal together in the city before coming back to Rockton.  I can't wait to spend the day becoming immersed into this famous woman's talent along side of you!   I definitely am going to make a bag out of some of our Frida fabric to take with me for the day - perhaps I will schedule some open Maker's studio sessions so you can join me in making a bag as well!  

Four more minutes and the hour turns to midnight and my mind is still racing with ideas, plans and joy at engaging with you all in so many different ways. Thank you for finding us, thank you for joining the journey and thanks for stopping back in and saying "Hello" the next time you are near the shop.

Goodnight my friends.


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