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In days past, I spent a lot of time in the stateline area.  I spent the first couple of years of my life in a tiny house in Roscoe, moved to Belvidere for the rest of my childhood, lived in a multitude of other states throughout my adult life chasing an education/employment and now I am back in Rockton opening Brass Octopus.  While in my late teen years, I haunted the Rockford area - working at CherryVale Mall in the record store, dancing my angst out at The Channel and attending every music/art/theatre event I could possibly take in. 

Being back in Rockton and opening a Maker’s studio feels like a full circle event for me.   I seek to build a community of makers that wish to gather in a creative, warm and accepting space.  I define a “maker” as anyone who allows themselves to imagine and manifest something into existence.  Maybe it is with fabric or yarn (my preferred mediums), maybe it is with watercolors, with food, with jewelry, perhaps it is just buying an adult coloring book and filling it with color or one of dozens of other ways to be creative.  Being a maker is all encompassing and nondiscriminatory based on talent or lack thereof. It is a form of expression that takes one out of the everyday norm and allows creativity to blossom.  

Some makers may enter competitions with their creations and win awards.  Others may never wish to show their efforts to a soul. Either type or anything in between is perfectly beautiful.  I passionately skip from genre to genre - excelling at some and producing childlike products at others. All feed my soul in some manner or form.

Now that we have our shop, we have the unique opportunity to foster like-minded makers.  On Friday nights we will host a broad ranging invite to all makers from 6 pm -12 am. Come join us with your favorite work in progress or stop by and try something new.  Some nights will have themes you can join but you will not find it necessary to do so. More about these Friday night gatherings in the near future blogs.

Sunday Maker Studio hours are being dedicated to quilting.  We are naming this day Modern Rock Quilters Day! We invite anyone within the greater Rockton/Rockford area to bring their machines (or rent one from us) and plan some modern quilting adventures together!   I am particularly entranced with modern color and design in the quilting world. The vivid, distinctive designs of the modern era of quilting are so exciting. The fresh approach to a time honored craft speaks to me on many levels.  If this is the same for you, please join us on Sunday afternoons in the Maker’s Studio to learn and grow together in the modern quilt maker movement!  

I once sought safe creative spaces, now I am inviting you to join ours.  Join me as I come full circle.


Photo Credit:  Quilt by Maday Delgado

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  • Looking forward to participating in your classes and programs.

    Jan Floto on
  • Sounds wonderful! Looking forward to experiencing your offerings.

    Melanie on

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