Let it Be

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And here we are, two months into opening our dream brick and mortar shop and ten days into a Shelter in Place order.  To say that the last two months have been a roller coaster ride is to minimize the highs and lows we have experienced since February 1st.  We've laughed, cried, loved and felt despair.  And all of those things are ok.  We know you've felt them in your own world too.

After grieving a bit at the loss of having people coming through the door, we have come to accept that our ability to stay open for the long haul is dependent on focusing our efforts to fully become an online shop and staying connected digitally  to the people of our little village and the greater stateline area that we have come to love.  You wonderful people have responded, shared our posts, bought gift certificates, placed orders and helped us to make our rent payment for the shop and help us to survive into month three of business.  We thank you for your continued support and patronage.  Together, we will make it!

All of that being said, let's have some FUN!  We are continuing our Catch of the Day Maker Community Contest until this whole episode of social distancing is over and we can hardly wait to see all of the creative things that are being made!  We are also celebrating our two month anniversary by have 20 days of single item 20% off sales!  These daily specials, and anything else you purchase, can be added to your own personal May Day Basket by simply choosing the May Day Basket as your shipping option when you pay for your order.  We will hold all of your orders in your basket and we will be shipping them out on 4/21.  Each day at 11:00 a.m. central time, I will do a FB live video introducing the daily May Day special!  Be quick and place your orders because supplies may be limited and will run out on certain days!  On May 1st, we will be doing a FB live "Open your Basket" party together as a community of Makers - so don't open yours until until you log in to FB at 11:00 a.m. and join the fun!

We are also giving away 1/2 yard of Michael Miller Fabric for every basket created and for every order shipped out immediately while supplies last.  Use the fabric however you chose or give back in some way by making a mask for a loved one!  Make sure you hashtag #makingitfun and #brassoctopus when you post about your fabric delivery!

So when you decide to "Let it be" and accept what we cannot change, things seem to work out fine. 

"When all the broken hearted people living in the world agree.  There will be an answer.  Let it be."


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  • Love your message in this blog post. I’m thankful your shop is local and and I believe in the quality of small businesses! May Day baskets sound sooooo fun!

    Elizabeth on
  • Ohhhhhh. Sounds like fun!

    Barb on

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