In the beginning

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Today is a special day for the owners of Brass Octopus.  Six years ago today was the first time Chuck and Theresa engaged in a conversation.  That conversation changed their worlds, brought light into their lives and forever changed the trajectory of their journey.

Here's the story.....

They both found themselves single, lonely and hoping to find someone of like interests.  They both created a very honest, accurate profile on  They both lived in Rockton.  They both had cringe worthy interactions with many individuals on the dating app.  And then....they saw each others profiles.

Theresa had decided that she was not going to chat with anyone unless they first reached out to her.  Chuck had decided the exact same thing.  So they circled for weeks.  Visiting each others pages each time a new photo or slight adjustment was made to the narrative on the profile.  They each loved what they saw but both knew that digital content could be deceiving and had been burned one too many times.  But they each longed for a connection so they continued their online dance of visiting each others profiles without saying a word.

Then, on January 6th 2014, Theresa made new rules for the new year and sent an email message to Chuck.  It was snarky, sassy and Chuck responded within five minutes.  A few exchanges later, a first date was planned.  They would be meeting at FIBS in Rockton and their fate was sealed from that point forward.

In December 2014 we became engaged and we married in January of 2019.  What an amazing, life affirming ride it has been.  It is never too late to find your person.  We can both attest to the power of intention, honesty and holding space for love.


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