• Let it Be

    And here we are, two months into opening our dream brick and mortar shop and ten days into a Shelter in Place order.  To say that the last two mon...
  • Catch of the Day Maker Community Contest

    Catch of the Day Maker Community Contest We are in a Stay at Home Order to help us avoid catching the nasty virus circulating around the world. To ...
  • Night Owl

    Late nights always take me back to those memories and the stillness that embraced me like a knitted scarf on a cold day.
  • Modern Rockers

    We invite anyone within the greater Rockton/Rockford area to bring their machines (or rent one from us) and plan some modern quilting adventures together!
  • In the beginning

    Today is a special day for the owners of Brass Octopus.  Six years ago today was the first time Chuck and Theresa engaged in a conversation.  That ...